Monday, 15 February 2016

Magic Garden - Learn More about Hybrid Tomatoes

The gardening debate over whether to grow an heirloom or a hybrid tomato variety is almost as old as time. Heirloom tomatoes come from seeds that have been handed down for generations while tomato hybrid varieties present a cross between two genetically different tomato types. I must underline here that hybrid plants are not the same as harmful and dangerous GMO plants. In order to clear any doubts, in the following few lines I shall introduce what hybrid tomatoes exactly are.

Process of Creation a Tomato Hybrid Variety

How to Make a Hybrid Tomato Variety?

A hybrid tomato such as Cherolla H is made when you intentionally cross-pollinate two different tomato varieties. Spectrum of various reasons for doing so concentrates on producing a descendant that contains the best of each of the parents.

When you make a hybrid tomato you need to ensure that the right plants are crossed. Achieving the desired combination of characteristics, such as bigger tomato size or better disease resistance is easier if you know what your needs are.

Another vital element in the process of hybridization is patience because it usually takes few years to create a fully grown, productive hybrid tomato.

What are the Best Tomato Hybrid Varieties for Growing?

One example is Beefmaster VFN H, a medium early hybrid. This indeterminate tomato variety offers huge, delicious fruits along with improved disease resistance. Equally interesting suggestion is Isabel H, a tall, attractive tomato with super sweet taste and attractive look.

In my opinion, tomato hybrids have brought us some outstanding features like early maturity, better yield, improved flavor and disease resistance, which is why I think that every gardener should try to grow them once in a while.

Your comments on growing hybrid tomato varieties are most welcome!

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